Review policy

All reviews posted on this blog are honest and fair. Some reviews might be negative, but in that case we will try to provide constructive criticism and we will refrain from attacking an author or a book. Our reviews are our personal opinions and it might happen that one of us loved a book that the other disliked. We do not get paid for our reviews. If a book is labelled as ARC (Advance Reader Copy) then we received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for our review, but we are under no obligation to give a positive review.

We read mostly YA and children’s books, fantasy, paranormal, historical fiction, steampunk, and LGBT, but we’re willing to give anything a try if it sounds interesting. Have a look at our blog to see our individual preferences and the wide array of genres we read and review! The only exception to this is we won’t read any books with religious/spiritual content, or books supporting racism/homophobia/misogyny/etc. We prefer to receive ebooks for review in mobi or epub format (it’s quicker for us and you save on shipping) but if you’d rather send us a physical copy let us know. We don’t accept unpublished novels or short stories.

Please be aware that we do not do blog tours and most likely never will, unless you’re Marissa Meyer. We will definitely do blog tours and anything else including selling our souls if Marissa Meyer asked us to do it.

If you want us to consider your book for a review, contact us at Emails ignoring the guidelines above will be ignored.

At this time we are terribly busy with our lives. If you do think we might be interested in your work, feel free to shoot us an email. However we’ll probably be very slow to respond (if we respond at all). We apologise for the rudeness.


Teacup ratings

It’s difficult to sum up a book with a number, but generally we use a rating system from 1 to 5 teacups to sum up whether we liked a book or not. This is what each rating means for us:

1 teacup out of 5 1 teacup: This is a very bad book. There are glaring problems with the story or the characters or the writing. If it comes up in conversation with a friend, I will advise them not to read this book.

2 teacups out of 5 2 teacups: This book has a few good parts, but also some bad parts that detract from my enjoyment. There may be problems with the story or the writing. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

3 teacups out of 5 3 teacups: This book is okay. It has some issues, but overall it’s good and I enjoyed reading it. I may recommend it to fans of the genre.

4 teacups out of 5 4 teacups: This book is very good. It may have some tiny issues but there’s very little that I would change. I enjoyed it very much and I will recommend it.

5 teacups out of 5 5 teacups: This is one of my new favourite books. It’s well-written, has an interesting story and solid characters. I will warmly recommend it to everyone I know.

We don’t often give a book 5 teacups, unless we believe it’s special, so books with “just” 3 or 4 teacups are already good books in our opinion! We also use half teacups in our ratings, you can probably guess what those mean.


Isa has made some neat badges for our blog. If you see them in a review, it means that we read that book as part of a certain challenge or that it’s an ARC.

Pick-For-Me review
This book is part of our ongoing Pick-For-Me challenge. Every month Isa picks two books for Ren to read out of Ren’s TBR pile, and vice versa.
Avengers vs. X-Men review
This book is part of the Avengers vs. X-Men challenge, in which Ren reads books with certain characteristics to recruit superheroes and defeat villains.
Sequel Spring review
This book is part of our Sequel Spring challenge, in which we try to do some spring cleaning in our TBR piles by reading lots of sequels between March 20th and June 20th.
Review Copy
This book is a review copy provided by the publisher (usually through NetGalley) or author in exchange for a fair review.

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