What to do when your beloved E-Reader breaks

Hello and good day to you, fine sir or madam! Random Rambles is a non-regular feature at Words in a Teacup where we take the time to talk about those things on our minds that are (often) unrelated to books but desperately need voicing. This time, as you can glean from the banner above:


What to do when your beloved E-Reader breaks

If you’re cheap like me, you totally invested into an e-reader at one point. They’re just so awesome! So many books you can carry in a tiny little gadget! And you can even save some money! Most times ebooks are cheaper than the printed ones, after all. Don’t get me wrong, I love printed books, theyre ever so shiny and ugh I love holding a book, but I also love having a huge selection to choose from. I can’t very well carry a hundred books in my purse, can I? (Well. Well. I am sure that if I had a big enough purse, I could. I just might die underneath the weight of it.)

Turned off and turned on. It’s definitely broken.

But then the unimaginable horror story has come true: your choice of medium through which you devour books is broken. It’s shot. On the fritz. Kaput. All buggered up. Or as the Germans say, “im Arsch”. Unfortunately, I appear to have a bad track record with e-readers so far. Granted, it’s only my second one (both of them were a Kindle 4, btw), but still. Breaking two out of two? Not something you would call good. And it’s even worse when you don’t know how you break it. At least with the first one, I dropped it in the floor. That’s how the e-ink screen inside broke. The second one? Not so sure. Same result, but I have no idea what happened. It was just fine the other day!

Okay, so get to the point, Isa. My e-reader is broken.
What do I do now?


Option 1: Cry a lot and pray for a miracle

Definitely an option I am very much in favour of. Crying doesn’t help anything but it sure gives you an outlet for all the feelings. After all, you just lost a bajillion of books all ready to be read! It’s a tragic thing to have happened to you. (I’m not kidding. Dead technology is the worst and will reduce me to tears of rage and later sadness.) If you’ve got the means, you should definitely go and sit in the shower and cry some more.

Also wish for that miracle. I’ve been there and done that, it doesn’t fix it either, but at least you tried. Don’t come crying to me before you’ve wished for a miracle.

Option 2: Call your e-reader’s manufacturer

You’re not the first person with your problem and you won’t be the last. If you’ve got a Kindle, Amazon has a very helpful customer support, at least here in Germany, and while they couldn’t actually help me, they sure were nice. (The guy even advised me to go to a different shop to buy a new Kindle there because they had them on sale there! Super nice, 10/10 would recommend Amazon customer support). Depending on the issue with your device, they’re usually very quick to replace them. Unless you’re just past the guarantee limit, like I was. They won’t be able to do anything then. :( Or, similarly, a lot of the time, certain aspects of your device will not be included in that guarantee. Like the display. Or charger sockets on laptops. It’s really frustrating. At this point I would advise you to return to Option 1.

Option 3: For the time being, return to “real” books

I mean, they do exist for a reason! And you did read them before you had an e-reader.

Option 3a: Go to the library more often!

I don’t think I need to tell you how the whole library thing works, considering that you are a reader. But still, they exist! (Only not here. No good libraries here. Why do you think I resort to electronic books?????) Please visit your local library and, if you are unsettled by the existence of other humans inside them, contact a helpful librarian (who belong to a special group of beings not classified as humans) at the front desk and tell them about your dilemma. Possibly employ Option 1 in front of them and then ask where the section is that contains your favourite genre.

Option 3b: Buy new books in a bookshop!

“But Isaaaa! I don’t have any money!” I know. Me neither. That’s the whole problem, isn’t it? But they might have some things on sale! Or secondhand books! You never know if you don’t go there. Maybe they’ll even share some wine with you!

(Of course, if you live where I live, there are also no handy bookshops anywhere close. Life is just so hard, damn it.)

Option 3c: Re-read all the printed books that you own

Come on, you know you want to. You’ve been talking about re-reading loads of them before and yet you never do it. Go on! I believe in you. You can overcome these terrible e-reader-less times and re-read some much-loved printed books. There’s still hope for happiness, my dear! Do not despair. (If you do despair, I would like to redirect you to Option 1.)

Option 4: Try out new things

New things? What are these new things you speak of, Isa? I have not heard of these new-fangled things-other-than-reading that you insinuate I should do!

Option 4a: Read some fanfiction

Touchy subject, I know, but you’re desperate, so why not check out some of the fanfiction that’s been written in your favourite fandoms? When in doubt, I turn to Harry Potter fanfiction, negl. I am not ashamed and I think fanfiction is a marvellous concept. Of course, I used to read fanfic on my Kindle… I might have to go and give Option 1 a good try right now. And then I might go to my favourite fanfic sites – I know you’re wondering: AO3 for all the good fic, and fanfiction.net for all my deplorable and quite frankly dubious tastes – and try to console myself.

Option 4b: Read other things online

There are other things online? Yes! Yes there are. You should go and read Nimona. I’m currently doing so. Go on and do it.

Option 4c: Television!

Don’t tell me you haven’t considered that yet. I love me a good tv show and so should you. It will distract you from the painful loss of your e-reader by throwing other feelings on you. You will probably become attached to the characters and feel a lot of things because that’s usually what happens. Because people on tv are never happy. It’s the law. (At this point I feel obligated to point out that you should watch Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black, and Great British Bake Off.)

Option 4d: Podcasts! Audioplays!

Want more stories and funtimes? You should check out the grand world of audioplays and podcasts. My personal favourites: Cabin Pressure (it’s about a small charter airline and it’s hilarious and flawfree and John Finnemore is a god), John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme (let me educate you about Winnie the Pooh’s interdivention), and Welcome To Night Vale. The latter is particularly beautiful and I adore the storytelling through the medium of radio. Bless Night Vale, I love it so much.

Option 5: Scrap together your last cents, get over yourself and buy a new e-reader

I mean. You’re going to do it anyway.

Learn about all the new devices on the market, weigh all the awesomeness against your money situation and buy a new one. Your old one, unless replaced by the manufacturer, will not suddenly revive itself. Sooner or later you will want a new e-reader and you might as well just give in now. Though I do suggest you give Option 1 at least a short try so you can get rid of all those pesky sad feelings.

Random Rambles • The one with the time management skills (and lots of cake)


Hello and good day to you, fine sir or madam! Random Rambles is a non-regular feature at Words in a Teacup where we take the time to talk about those things on our minds that are (often) unrelated to books but desperately need voicing. This time, as you can glean from the banner above:


How to manage work and blogging

Short answer: I don’t.


Guess who’s tired?

Yep, you got it. It’s this gal.

It’s 1:30pm on a fine Sunday and I’m currently sitting in bed pondering my life and how other people do it. School (and college and uni) has started again for a lot of bloggers and I am in awe of those who still manage to find time to read and blog. Same with those who work full-time. I. Am. In. Awe. Because I fail to do the same. I should be writing a review right now, one that I’ve been postponing for a while now, but I just cannot muster the motivation. I didn’t even get around to reading Harry Potter for my HP feature…

I recently started full-time work in a bakery as an apprentice.

You know, in the front-end part of a bakery selling stuff, not in the baking part, though we do get raw breadrolls and pretzel sticks that we bake freshly in our shop. I love my new job. It’s exhausting and stressful and I work in an area where people are particularly full of themselves and arrogant about it and I work six days a week (except from August 25th on I will go to school two days a week) but I love it. I made some bad decisions in the past and I’m very glad to have this opportunity now. And I mean, in a bakery… All. That. Food. It’s a bit like heaven.

I am also terrified. There are a lot of expectations and because I’m doing pretty well, it makes me all the more terrified that I might eff it all up somehow. I’ve got a four-month-long probation period during which they can fire me at any time. I know I’m good at what I do once I’ve learned how to do it (I have yet to master doing specific things at the same time — like preparing the raw breadrolls for the oven and simultaneously filling already baked breadrolls so we can sell them… there’s some sort of time magic behind that process, I’m sure of it), but that doesn’t take away the sheer horror of possibly making mistakes.

I think my saving grace so far is that I’ve worked in retail before. And that the other apprentice keeps messing up all the time, which makes me shine. I feel like a horrible person for that. When I started my new job, the shop manager was still on holiday and the other two colleagues I worked with sort of eased me into it. I’ve been properly cautioned not to catch the shop manager on the wrong foot because she can apparently dig into you quite well. So far I haven’t witnessed anything like that from her, but that just makes it a little bit more stressful. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for my mess-ups to be noticed, waiting to be chewed out (… that damn coffee machine and I are never going to be friends, I swear.) It doesn’t help that I’ve got the worst crush on my shop manager and keep being awfully cheeky with her because I cannot in fact behave like a normal human being.

But you know, besides all that pressure, besides knowing that they expect me to run the shop alone in the afternoons come the second week of September (oh dear god, I am absolutely terrified), I really do love my new job. It’s fun.

What’s not fun is how little time I have these days. I expect the school days to be less exhausting — my shop manager already prepared me for the possibility of unbearable boredom because I not only had the qualifications for uni, but also because I’m 24 and most other apprentices are six to eight years younger than I am — but it doesn’t take away the fact that I get up at 2:50am on early shift days. When I come home at around noon on those days, I’m just glad to get out of my car because I will start shutting down around that time. Once I’m home don’t expect me to be capable of anything. Late shift days aren’t much better. I might get more sleep, but I probably have to go to bed at 9pm at the latest on those days because usually our shifts alternate. :(

I miss being able to do stuff. Oh, I’m still around. You’ll probably find me on twitter or tumblr (especially on Thursdays because that’s when I usually watch Great British Bake Off and then proceed to reblog all the things). In fact, you’ll definitely find me on twitter. You should come and find me on twitter and talk to me and stop me from napping, actually. (You should drop me a line who you are though because I’ll probably just miss it otherwise and you will be sad and I will sad and everybody will be sad and we do not want that, do we?) Also to become friends with me. I’m awesome and complain about being tired, swoon over fitting clothes (it’s a miracle when that happens) and generally tweet a lot of random useless stuff. No regrets. Sorry, but I’m not sorry at all.

But I miss being awake enough to concentrate on reading. I miss talking to people that I used to talk to all the time. My new work has brought me closer to my besties again because now we have stuff to talk about (mainly the stupid crush on my shop manager but you know…), but I rarely talk to Ren now. And I miss Ren terribly. Ren, fyi, I miss you loads and love you more than bread week, even though this year’s bread week was not as good as all the past bread weeks. And I almost never talk to the one friend I used to talk to all the time simply because by the time she gets online I’m already in bed. It is the curse of working cruel hours.

I feel a little bit bad for dropping the ball in regards to blogging, but I hope I’ll manage to be around in other ways. I hope that school days will leave me with some much needed reading time, but I might just be even more invisible than I’ve already been lately. But now you know why I’ve been so inactive lately and why it looks like Ren is running this show on her own. Hint: it’s because she is. (Well. More inactive than usually, anyhow. I’ve been rarely commenting on things as it is but now all I see are walls of text and I simply cannot focus on the content, no matter how hard I try. It’s not you, it’s me, I swear. Plus, I’m not the best conversationalist in general, that’s more Ren’s forte. ;) I am blessed to have her, honestly.)

And now I’ll just lie down to nap or something.


Random Rambles • Orphan Black


Hello and good day to you, fine sir or madam! Random Rambles is a non-regular feature at Words in a Teacup where we take the time to talk about those things on our minds that are (often) unrelated to books but desperately need voicing. This time, as you can glean from the banner above:

© i don’t know who made this :(


You’re all rolling your eyes now, I can pretty much feel it pouring through the ether of the internet, yes. You’re asking yourself why…

© i don’t know who made this :(

BECAUSE! Orphan Black is just that good.

(7:38:38 PM) Isa: for now i must
(7:38:40 PM) Isa: put all my OB feels
(7:38:42 PM) Isa: in a post
(7:38:43 PM) Isa: and cry

© divergents

That is totally what happens on any given day. I’ve spent countless hours trying to convince others to watch it — by which I mean I spent countless hours yelling at people in chat windows “HAVE YOU STARTED WATCHING ORPHAN BLACK YET” until eventually they surrendered and did and boy, I’m so glad that my favourite yelling buddy FINALLY CAUGHT UP AND WATCHED IT THE OTHER WEEK BECause now I can yell at her in my emails about dumb things. I’d yell at Ren, you know, but she’s only seen s1 and is too bloody lazy to start on s2. *glares*

Now let me emote for a moment.

© supagirl

Just kidding, I’m not crying, there’s just a branch in my eyes or something. >.>

Orphan Black is my favourite show on television these days. I used to watch so much television and now that’s the only show I still watch (until Orange is the New Black comes back, that is). Nothing else comes even close and you should all be watching it!

“But Isa, I don’t like scifi! And I heard there was some gore! And also lesbians! Why should I watch it?”

© maisiewilliams

Indeed, it is scifi and there is some gore, but you can close your eyes or watch through your fingers like I did. It is only a very small part of the show. As for the lesbians… ALL THE MORE REASON TO WATCH IT. There’s lesbian and gay representation and there’s science representation (I mean look at the title card, there’s a piece of DNA sneakily woven into the H! such sneakiness! and they have an actual scientist on board of the show and she shares a name with a sciency character, so it’s not all just made up fake science) and there’s scary people representation!

© miiraculum

But aside from all of these wonderful things, the single most amazing thing is TATIANA MASLANY. You see, I have this friend that I can always count on… to hate female characters. I think we can count on one hand the female characters that she doesn’t despise. And wonder of wonders, this friend actually likes Orphan Black (though maybe that’s because of Hot Paul? it probably is…), which was rather surprising. CUE MORE TEARS FROM ME.

© bodennis

I mean. Sorry, I don’t care if you’re not interested in this kind of show, because you should be watching it anyway. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing unicorn actress who, at any given time, is almost definitely on screen in this show. If she’s not on screen, something shady is going on. That’s one way to determine whether or not something shady is going on, by the way, because as a general rule: TRUST NO ONE. Unless they are played by Tat. And even when Tat plays a character, be careful with your feelings. You might end up crying over shady bitches.

The show isn’t perfect, the plot is often a bit… well… lol, sorry I can’t always take it seriously, and a certain police officer comes across as incredibly thick and stupid (though I love him, bless his heart), but yeah, it’s not perfect. TATIANA MASLANY’S ACTING HOWEVER IS. I mean. Really.

“The Art of Mindfucking” » Orphan Black – Season 1
© bodennis

(7:55:58 PM) Ren: sometimes i forget she’s not different ppl

It happens to all of us. Orphan Black cast at an event? BUT WHY ARE THERE ONLY THREE OF THEM? Oh. Wait. I forgot that Tatiana plays like 90% of the characters. It happens. All. The. Time. HER CHARACTERS DON’T EVEN LOOK THE SAME FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. Her acting is superb (as is her body double, Kathryn Alexandre, for stand-ins! never seen but doing so much work, holy shit!) and that alone should make you want to watch. BUT ASIDE FROM THAT THERE IS ALSO THE PROMISE OF SHENANIGANS AND HOT PEOPLE AND CUTE CHILDREN AND MAKESHIFT FAMILIES AND THERE IS NO PAIN WHATSOEVER EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND REALLY HOT.

© sansastartk

Are you convinced yet? Have you accepted Tatiana Maslany as your lord and saviour? Have you started questioning how you survived without this show until now?

© cosimas

tl;dr: Watch Orphan Black. Join the clone club. Have all the feelings.