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Follow Ren on Goodreads Follow Ren on Tumblr Follow Ren on TwitterRen's ugly avatarHi! I’m 25 and I live in Italy. Books are my passion, I grew up with J.K. Rowling, Ursula K. LeGuin and Astrid Lindgren.

My favourite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, mystery and (mostly m/m) romance, but I’ll read pretty much anything if I like the summary or if it has a shiny cover. Or if it’s set in the nineteenth century and there’s an abundance of funny words and corsets. My guilty pleasure trope is the fake engagement/marriage of convenience. Give it to me! I also enjoy reading about ladies kicking ass, ladies with their own agency, ladies solving crimes… ladies in general. I freely admit that I’m biased towards books with female main characters because I didn’t read enough of those as a kid.

I love black tea, especially Earl Grey and Darjeeling, but I’ve recently discovered that I also like fruit tea (aside from apple tea which is just plain weird).

When I’m not adding books to my neverending TBR pile or drinking tea, I’m busy with my internship and fiddling with databases and business information.

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One thought on “About Ren

  1. I love the fake marriage/engagement/couple plot too! My favorite is Remember When by Judith McNaught. I’m also a fan of the the hate-at-first-sight but maybe-i-really-do-love-you-after-all romantic novels.

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