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Follow Isa on Goodreads Follow Isa on Tumblr Follow Isa on TwitterIsa in front of a mirrorWhale whale whale. Look who cannot be serious. It’s me! Mario! No wait. It’s me! Isa! I’m 24 and I live in Germany. Just like Ren books are my passion, or rather stories are. When I was a wee young girl, I mostly read whichever books were given me, among them a wagonload of Enid Blyton, Else Ury and the stash of Donald Duck comics my Dad had collected. I got the first Harry Potter book on my 11th birthday and it all just went downhill (or uphill?) from there.

These days I read just about anything under the sun if it looks pretty (I’m shallow, alright), but I do prefer fantasy, YA and anything that includes boarding schools. I blame Germany’s obsession with Enid Blyton and ghostwriting books in her name for the last one. I also like some steampunk and lesbians. Just give me regency lesbians, dammit!

Again just like Ren, I love tea. I’m German, so I’ve grown up with a billion different fruit teas (so what if I have seven different types of apple tea in my cupboard, you need to stop judging me, Ren!) but you can always lure me in with a nice cup of Lady Grey. When I’m not reading, I tend to be procrastinating on the important things of life by sleeping, eating or watching tv shows. It’s always a good time when there’s a show about food on the telly. Preferably with lesbians. Oh wait, that sounds like Great British Bake Off. Right. It is.

Aside from all these very important time-consuming things, I recently started working in a bakery as a sales apprentice. It drastically shortens my reading time (ughhhhh, 3am alarm, why must you exist), but it’s very awesome. (I mean… all. that. bread. It’s heaven.)

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4 thoughts on “About Isa

  1. Have you read Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series? :) It’s a great read. She’s managed to mix in paranormal, steampunk and romantic comedy into one. I’ve just started delving into steampunk and I’m quite enjoying it.

    • In fact, I have read them, yes, and adore them very much. You should give Gail’s Finishing School series a try as well if you haven’t already. They’re set in the same universe but before Parasol Protectorate and in a sort of boarding school setting. They’re veeeeery awesome and I might love them more than Parasol Protectorate. >.>

      • I have them in my TBR already. I’m still going through the Protectorate series :)

        She’s got another new series coming, I saw it on Goodreads the other day but totally forgot the title.

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