What’s Up Buttercup • December Edition

What's Up, Buttercup?
What’s Up Buttercup is an overview of the past, present and future here on Words in a Teacup, posted around the middle of the month.


♦ A Small Update ♦

What's Been Going On:

As you may have noticed, we’ve barely been around lately. :( Alas, we miss blogging and commenting and participating in the community, but time is a rare commodity for us these days. I know, I know, you’re going to say “well, if you love something, you’ll make time for it!” You’re right, of course, but until they invent 48-hour days while keeping the work hours we have, time isn’t going to magically appear for us. If only we had a time-turner!

We’re still here and still reading posts if we get around to it, but looking through 200 unread posts every other day is a daunting task that can hardly be finished.

Did you know that Ren doesn’t like cheese? I know, right?! It’s a mystery to me that I’ve collected a bunch of friends who do not like cheese, actually. Am I a cheese-disliker magnet?

So anyhow, we’ve decided to cut back a lot. Not that we’ve been producing tons of posts, but we decided to take away some of the pressure we put on ourselves. Not taking review requests (UNLESS YOU ARE MARISSA MEYER PLEASE ASK US TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, MISS MEYER, WE WILL EVEN GIVE YOU OUR SOULS IF NEEDED) is part of it, but we’ve also decided to skip out on PFM for the time being and reviews (and other posts?? we just don’t know) will happen on a if-we-can-be-bothered-to-write-them basis.

Did you know that in order to sleep the ideal amount of time on nights before my early shift, I would need to go to bed before I even get home from work? I know, right?! What a marvellous way of creating loathing and despair.

In the meantime, please check out all the other sites in the great sea of internetty publications, such as Oh, the Books!, which has amazing round-ups every Sunday (the only book-related posts I religiously read, negl) or The Toast for all the possible needs you might have.

Did you know that on New Year’s Eve, the bakery shop that I work in will get at least 2,000 jam-filled doughnuts with sugar icing? And that’s only the ones with regular jam and sugar icing! There’s also regular ones with sugar on top, the ones with plum jam in it, or nougat, or marzipan, or egg liqueur. I’m already terrified of the numbers alone.

We wish you Happy Holidays, Happy Winter, Happy Friday and an otherwise Happy Time. ♥



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