[Ren] Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia BriggsPick For Me badgeTitle: Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Published: May 12th, 2014
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 teacups
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Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of werewolves and I’m generally bored by shapeshifters and similar paranormal elements. I started this series because I was intrigued by a short story set in the same universe. All things considered, I thought this book was okay.

The protagonist, Mercy, is a badass werecoyote. She also doesn’t look like the person on the cover of the book, since she spends most of the time wearing ill-fitted borrowed clothes because she tends to lose or destroy her own shirts… but then again, when ever have fantasy covers been realistic. Problem is, for a badass werecoyote, she’s also rather dull. As I was reading, I felt as if the book had the potential to be really entertaining, if only I wasn’t stuck inside the boring POV of Mercy Thompson. Which, you know, is a bit of a problem since the series is named after her. I sat on this review for a while, and after a week or so the only thing I remember about Mercy’s personality is… uh… she has a cat?

The secondary characters are marginally more interesting, though my enjoyment of Adam was slightly dampened by the fact that he looks like a corner of a love triangle. The worldbuilding and lore is by far the most interesting part of the novel, even considering that I don’t care much for werewolves. In fact, I didn’t mind when the action was paused for a bit of info dump, though it might be annoying if you’re into whatever Mercy is doing at the time.

As for me, I’m on the fence about this series. Bits of it were really cool but I think I’ll need a break of several months before my next dose of werewolves, especially since a love triangle seems to be looming over the horizon.


2 thoughts on “[Ren] Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

  1. Hmmm…. This has been a series I’ve been eying for while because so many people love it. I am a little wary when approaching Urban Fantasy, especially those that focus on a badass female protagonist because they so often don’t work for me. But since I recently feel in pretty serious like with Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series, everybody seems to equate this series with that. Yours is the first meh review and now I’m confused. I think I will likely end up needing to read it for myself but now I will hopefully not go in with too high expectations. I am relieved to hear that the cover is not a good representation of the characters because, honestly I think that has been my biggest hang up. I hate that cover. Anyhoo thanks for the review!

  2. My mom got me hooked on these – I own the first 6 in this series and the first 2 in the spin-off series. Yes, there will be a bit of a love triangle but it’s short lived. I guess she’s badass in her own way, but I found her more normal than Anita Blake or Laurel K Hamilton’s urban fantasy series, and more dependent on the strength of others. Having read so many of these I’m biased and I hope that if you continue with the series you’ll find Mercy becoming more interesting. I like her spunk and her stubborn streak, and I love the array of background characters.
    And thank-you for your opinion of the cover! It has always bugged me how they dress her, and how she keeps getting all these weird tattoos when she only has the one. The covers never really get any better.
    Try the spin-off series Alpha and Omega, the heroine is very different from Mercy and you may find her more enjoyable.

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