Pick-For-Me • October

Pick For Me

Pick-For-Me is a monthly feature where each of us picks two books for the other to read. Click here for details.

September Thoughts

September Picks

Isa: Oh my god, I actually managed to read a book! Work and school and tiredness and all the stress are hell on my reading time (I would read more but I tend to fall asleep after half a page, so it’s a slow-going process these days), but yay I read a book! Out of Ren’s picks I opted for Rivers of London, because that one’s been on my TBR for ages. Well, not any longer! There were some really frustrating things about it, but I liked it all the same. I didn’t get around to Austenland, however. :( Sadface. Well, maybe some other time, right?

Ren: I’ve been a terrible reader this month. Out of the two picks, I only started The Princess Curse and I haven’t finished yet. A big part of it is that the book is very slow-moving, and since I’m familiar with the tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses that the book is based on, I already know what’s going on with the curse and there’s no suspense. Starting from next month I’ll have a long commute, though, which means a couple of hours every day just for reading. So I’m hopeful I’ll manage to finish a lot more books.

Goodreads Links:
Rivers of LondonAustenlandA Thousand Pieces of YouThe Princess Curse

September Picks

Ren for Isa

The Knife of Never Letting Go The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

On Goodreads:
The Knife of Never Letting GoThe Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Ren: A lot of bloggers seem to hold Patrick Ness in high esteem, but neither of us have read any of his books, so I’m curious as to what Isa’s opinion will be. Second… I’m sorry Isa for always picking mysteries for you, but you have so many in your TBR. I’m curious about this 11-year-old detective.

Isa for Ren

Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper The Kneebone Boy by Ellen Potter

On Goodreads:
Salt & StormThe Kneebone Boy

Isa: I very nearly chose Abhorsen since Clariel is coming out soon, but knowing you, you won’t even attempt to read my picks, so I don’t want to waste this one. ;) (I’m kidding. I know you’re trying very hard!) So instead I shall throw these two on you. The Kneebone Boy looks a bit like an Addams Family cover except that there are no shiny Wednesday braids. Sounds good, too! I hope you’ll enjoy it. And oh, I picked Salt & Storm because it has such a gorgeous cover, but also because witches!! Historical romance!! Sailors!! It should be right up your alley, amirite. (Well, obviously. You put it on your TBR, so there.)

Ren: That just makes me want to read Abhorsen instead… (Kidding, kidding. PFM is serious business.)

Are you also doing the pick-for-me challenge with a friend or over at Amy’s LJ community? What do you think of our picks this month? Let us know in the comments!
Isa and Ren


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