Top Ten Tuesday • Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

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Top Ten Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

What a devilish theme this week! There are so many authors I want to read more from, and sometimes I just physically can’t… So here are my ten authors, sorted quite handily by their books that I have read. Warning: there will be lots of whining about books I don’t have.

You need to write more books!

Hannah Johnson Madeline Miller Molly Beth Griffin Yangsze Choo
Hannah Johnson • Madeline Miller • Molly Beth Griffin • Yangsze Choo

Stunning debuts, all four of them. Hannah Johnson wrote Know Not Why, which is one of my favourite books ever; she was working on a second book but I believe grad school kept her busy. Madeline Miller wrote The Song of Achilles, a very nice (in a heartbreaking sort of way) retelling of Achilles and Patroclus from Patroclus’s point of view. Molly Beth Griffin wrote Silhouette of a Sparrow, aka “the lesbian flapper romance” to me and Isa. Yangsze Choo wrote The Ghost Bride, a dreamy paranormal story set in 19th century Malaya; she’s working on a new book, or at least she was two months ago. Crossing my fingers for more books from one (or all!) of those authors.

When’s your second book coming out?

Robin Stevens Tara Dairman
Robin Stevens • Tara Dairman

The good news is, those authors are both writing series so there are more books forthcoming! The bad news is, only the first book is out yet. Robin Stevens writes about the sleuthing efforts of Wells and Wong. (You might have seen me or Isa rant about Murder Most Unladylike before — boarding schools! bunbreaks! shenanigans!) The second book will be out in January, and Stevens has just posted a teaser as well as revealing the setting of the third book, so I’m very excited to read more from her! Tara Dairman wrote All Four Stars, a book about a precocious restaurant critic that really deserves five stars rather than four. I have discovered (through the rather effective method of whining on Twitter while tagging the author) that a sequel is coming next summer, which is awesome news whenever I don’t think about how next summer is so many months away.

I’m not sure I’d like your other books…

Patrice Kindl Anita Amirrezvani
Patrice Kindl • Anita Amirrezvani

Keeping The Castle is a charmingly funny gem of a romance — Isa read it for Pick-For-Me and she liked it so much I ended up reading it too. It’s not Patrice Kindl’s first book, but it is her first book in over a decade and I’m not sure I want to read her older books because I saw from some reviews that they’re quite different. If she put out a new book, though, I’d definitely read it. Anita Amirrezvani wrote The Blood of Flowers — one of the first books I wrote a review for, because I just had so many feelings after finishing it and I had to write them down. Looking back, it’s quite a disjointed and rambly review, but it was a start. Amirrezvani wrote a second book Equal of the Sun, but the summary just doesn’t grab me because I prefer to read historical novels about common people rather than about rulers.

Going to add all of your books to my TBR!

Robin McKinley Maggie Stiefvater
Robin McKinley • Maggie Stiefvater

No excuses here: those are well-established authors who need no introduction. Who published lots of books, and all I need to do is get some of those books and start reading. (Well… a suggestion about where to start reading, or rather where to continue reading, would be helpful.)

What are your one-book-need-more authors?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday • Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

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  2. Yangsze Choo! Yes yes yes! She needs to write a bazillion books because The Ghost Bride was AMAZING.

    And, haha, Anita Amirrezvani was on my TTT as well, but I’ve only read Equal of the Sun (which is, like, my favorite HF novel EVER). I do tend to like books about common people more as well, so I’m sure I’ll love The Blood of Flowers!

  3. Haha – love the way you sorted your list! I didn’t even include authors who only wrote one book, otherwise Helene Wecker would have been on there for sure (she is definitely on my auto-buy list after The Golem and the Jinni). But I’m glad to hear you liked A Song of Achilles – I have it in hardcover, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet….Oh, and I definitely recommend Sunshine by Robin McKinley – it was fantastic!!!

  4. I love your list! I haven’t even read any of the books, but I understand your feelings about them, haha. I have to say that Robin McKinley is one of my favourite authors and her two retellings of Beauty and the Beast are especially fantastic. Beauty is the first one, but Rose Daughter is my special favourite and I have read it so many times when I should have been reading new books.

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