Harry Potter in a Teacup • First Introductions

Harry Potter in a Teacup • The Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter in a Teacup is a new weekly feature at Words in a Teacup where Isa will re-read her most cherished books and share her thoughts and favourite bits with you. For a detailed schedule, please follow the spiders, and if you want to suggest specific post topics, please consider sending us a Howler.


‘Bless my soul,’ whispered the old barman. ‘Harry Potter … what an honour.’

Hello and welcome to our kick-off to Harry Potter in a Teacup! Lovely to see you here! (I hope, anyway, if you haven’t all run away yet because this dead horse has been beaten enough times already…)

Today marks Harry’s 44th birthday, 33 years oops I mean 34th, sorry Harry for making you ten years older, my bad, I’m a terrible fan… 23 years after he finally got his Hogwarts letter and was introduced to the wizarding world. Although I did promise favourite bits, unpopular opinions and discussion, I’m going to start off our new feature with a simple topic:

My first introduction to Harry Potter

I’m actually still quite nostalgic for my first forays into the world of Harry Potter. I first opened my German edition of Philosopher’s Stone on my eleventh birthday, which is something that still makes me smile to this day. It makes it very special for me because Harry found out about being a wizard on his eleventh birthday. I may not have got a letter from Hogwarts (not at that time, anyhow) but I think entering Harry’s world for the first time counts too.

I got my first Potter book from an aunt and uncle of mine who knew that I liked to devour read books and they went to the trouble of asking at a bookshop about recommendations and got me the first book. I was… not pleased, actually. At least not for the first ten minutes. A book about magic? Uhm. Bit strange. Especially since I had grown up with girl books along the lines of Enid Blyton and Else Ury. There was no magic in those. And even worse, a book about a boy? Ehhhh.

But honestly, I can still remember the moment I opened up that book for the first time, only minutes after I had unwrapped it. Aside from all the adults in my family who were there that day, I also had a cousin over and we sat down and read the first couple of pages together and needless to say, I was hooked. I can still recall the way the room looked with a dinner nook in one corner that had a big yellow tablecloth on it and there was a large old radio in another, the door to the kitchen was open and people were milling about everywhere while I’m already lost in the book — even years after we renovated and that room no longer exists in that way I still like to think back to that day.

Harry Potter means a lot to me. It not only gave me a fantastic group of friends (Ren included), but also many cherished memories. I struggle with remembering a lot of small details about the past and sometimes that bothers me. Over the years we renovated a lot in our home and rooms were reassigned once more space was free, but I can still recall snuggling into our ugly brown sofa and cozying up with my Harry Potter books. I hate that I can’t remember my grandma’s face without trying really hard, but you know what? I can still remember reading Half-Blood Prince in her living room while she was puttering around in the kitchen.

If it hadn’t been for that particular gift on my eleventh birthday I would’ve missed out on a very magical reading experience and I am ever so glad about it. ♥

Sooooo… When did you first get into HP and why? Tell me in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Harry Potter in a Teacup • First Introductions

  1. I was quite a bit older when I first encountered the HP books. My grandmother, a bit clueless, gifted me the 6th book for Christmas when I was 15 and that was a bit of an unlucky present because I hadn’t read any of the books (I had seen the 1st movie though!). So I didn’t want to seem ungrateful and just started reading it, but I didn’t understand the beginning at all so I quit. Then I changed classes in high school and got some new friends and one of these friends owned all the books and so she lend me them and I started reading and loved it! :D

    • Ohh, lucky you then for changing classes and meeting people who had the books! It’s really sweet of your grandmother, though, even though it was a bit of a fail gift at the time. I can only imagine how awkward and confusing it must be to read HBP without knowing the other books beforehand. Especially because I think HBP starts at Spinner’s End? Not the best starting point, oops.

      Glad to hear that you loved it, it always makes me smile when people still say that even though we should all be grown out of that phase. >.> Though I shall never be. I’m the awkward person who occasionally still goes on rants and discusses bits of the books with people. No regrets. (As if I could regret the very thing that made me meet Ren in the first place, pft.)

  2. I don’t remember how old I was – definitely around 30ish. We were at my in-laws for Thanksgiving and after eating and cleaning up, I was looking for something to read. My niece and nephew were fans and I asked if I could read her book.

    • Oh, that’s lovely. Better late than never? I always tried to get my mum into them and she forced herself through the first three but gave up on GoF.

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