Top Ten Tuesday • Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows

top ten tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows!


I could of course use this TTT to convince you all to watch Orphan Black, but that would be silly. I already did that. Instead… *drumroll* I shall use this post to list a bunch of things you should all waste your time on watch and worship. And I could certainly ramble on and on about deep thoughts and films that mean a lot to me, but ultimately, this always holds true:

tweet: 'if you think that right now i am watching a bad movie for an actress i want to bang and am crying over it, you'd be absolutely correct'





Imagine Me & You Heading Out Blow Dry

There is of course still a sad lack of gay and lesbian moving pictures out there and those that are out there are often plagued by the burdens they bear. Namely that they have to be deep and meaningful and can’t just be about love and cuteness and being completely normal. A friend of mine put it very well: “there were homosexual people ofc it was sad. homosexuals are never happy.” THUS:

  • Imagine Me & You. It’s sweet and adorable and Piper Perabo actually plays a bisexual cutie, but Lena Headey plays a lesbian! And they’re happy! They don’t die tragic deaths! They’re cute! And they get to be in a film with Anthony Head (and a billion other people that one recognises because Britain only has five and a half actors)! 10/10 would recommend just based on cuteness level and also romance and, uh, Lena Headey??? Hello? Do you have eyes?
  • Heading Out. It’s a shortlived 6-part tv show written by Sue Perkins, who also happens to play the MC who is a lesbian vet. (Er. A vet who is a lesbian. Not a vet for lesbians. That would be weird.) It’s not perfect, but I love Sue Perkins a lot because she’s hilarious and witty and it even stars her co-comedian Mel Giedroyc at one point, which I thought was really cute. Also! Animals! Lesbians! People who are probably more awkward than we are! It’s grand.
  • Blow Dry. Ren is probably side-eyeing me now. >.> I can’t help it. THERE ARE LESBIANS! Also the film is hilarious. And not sad at all. I totally didn’t spend a lot of time crying while watching. Though clearly that was not at all because of the lesbian/bisexuals in particular. I’d never recommend things that aren’t happy, that would just be silly. (I’m kidding. The film is a comedy with fabulous stars in it such as Alan Rickman (who plays a hairdresser), Bill Nighy (also a hairdresser), Hugh Bonneville (another hairdresser), Rachel Griffiths (hey she plays a lesbian!), Natasha Richardson (bisexual hairdresser and not at all the cause of my hysterics, nope) and a bunch of other people that are very recognisable because they are either Josh Hartnett or some British person who’s in like all the things ever because Britain only has five and a half actors.) You should watch it. Go do it now. It’s about hairdressers! (Tbh the plot is crap but hellooooo cute bisexual/lesbian couple.)



Great British Bake Off Black Books Green Wing


  • Great British Bake Off. Ha. Hahahaha. Is it August yet? I need s5 stat! I blame tumblr for this particular obsession. You see, there was this post of a very tense moment involving a spanakopita filo flan and I just had to see the show that it came from. So tense! And then I was hooked. Not only because of the gorgeous bakes that happen in the show, but also because the hosts, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, are hilarious (I wonder how they will up their innuendo game in s5) and the judges are fabulous. I mean. Mary Berry went clubbing on Ibiza when she was 70. You should totally watch the Great British Bake Off and cry with me because you’re just so hungry.
  • Black Books is a sort of silly dark comedy? And very very great if you’re into sarcasm and wine and cigarettes and not so much into people. ALSO BOOKS. BERNARD BLACK OWNS A BOOKSHOP! If I had the necessary funds I’d probably be some kind of version of Bernard Black, living among books and constantly hugging a wine bottle and moaning about people like the old hag that I am. Let’s be real, Bernard Black is my animagus, I bet.
  • Green Wing is similar to Black Books, but not as sarcastic and simple. It’s set in a hospital though there’s barely any hospital-y stuff going on. I love it because for one thing Tamsin Greig is in it (who is also in Green Wing, because that’s the UK for you), and then also a bunch of other people that you may or may not have seen in Merlin, Coupling or Doctor Who. And for another thing, it’s epically ridiculous? I don’t want to give anything away but there have been lions involved at some point.



Easy A Pitch Perfect St. Trinian's

  • Easy A is flawfree. Emma Watson being funny and sad and smoking hot? Hell yeah. And even if that doesn’t quite lure you in, anyone must succumb to the flawlessness of the parents in this film. Besides, Emma Stone’s character is magnificent and the way she deals with what is heaped on her is just admirable. ♥
  • Pitch Perfect is awesome. Girls pwning the boys is forever a favourite of mine and this time there’s music involved. I’m in love! The cast is superb, the dialogue incredibly witty and the singing very epic. 10/10 would bang any lady in this film.
  • St. Trinian’s happens to be yet another British production (colour everyone surprised, amirite?) and is a reboot of the original franchise from the 50s and 60s. If you love boarding school fiction, you will love this film. It’s all kinds of crazy and out there, but again it has an amazing cast (Rupert Everett! Colin Firth! Lena Headey! Celia Imrie! Gemma Arterton!) and some really badass girls. You see, they’ve got to stop their school from closing down so in true St. Trinian’s fashion they turn to crime. And excel at it like they were born to do it (they probably were, lbr). It’s just a fun and action-packed film that shows just how badass girls can be.



Love Actually

  • Love Actually is probably my favourite seasonal film of all time. Yet another British production with a flawfree cast (except for Heike Makatsch… get that woman far away from me) and lots of charm. There’s not much more to say, really, there’s lots of Christmas-y stuff, funny stuff, sad stuff, happy stuff and more stuff of other variations, but it never fails to cheer me up (even in the midst of July). ♥



The Parent Trap

  • The Parent Trap. (The 1998 version, mind you. I’m sure the ’61 version is great too, but I’ve never seen it.) Cute teenage Lindsay Lohan? Check. Stupidly stubborn parents who make me want to tear out my chest because I just ship it so hard? Check. Adorable servants who are in on the secret? Check. Based on a book? CHECK. You should watch it right now because it’s great. (Also go read the book, it’s just as great.)



Orphan Black Alias Bunheads Firefly Parade's End The West Wing Orange is the New Black Sirens (UK) The IT Crowd Veronica Mars Xena Gilmore Girls


Erm. This got slightly long. So tell me, what’s in your Top Ten this week?


29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday • Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows

    • I tried to keep it small. Once I looked at everyone else’s TTTs I was like OH I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT AND THAT AND THAT. XD

      And I know that feel, I’ve been feeling like rewatching all the things.

  1. This list was brilliant! Totally agree with you about LGBT in films. I hate the lack of representation so much! Easy A and Pitch Perfect are two of my favourite films too :3

    • I wish there were more LGBT stuff in general, whether it contains lesbians or not. All I want are some films in that genre that don’t focus on the struggle of being LGBT though. Like, god, all I want is an LGBT chick flick, for instance, where their sexual orientation and gender identity don’t matter at all. They just happen to be two people falling in love or going on an adventure or whatever.

    • I have not seen any of these films, I’m afraid, because from what I’ve been told at least for the latter two they’re very heavy on the subject matter? I’m not sure if I’m into ~deep~ things, really, and I am certain they’re good films (some of my friends really loved them, after all), just not really what I’m into genre-wise. Like, technically all I want is fair representation in film and television where their sexual orientation or even their gender identity isn’t treated like something special. Not saying that it isn’t, but it’s like with books, all I want is a romantic comedy that features queer characters. (Which I guess Imagine Me & You falls into, and Blow Dry does very well on the “we’re not going to focus on the struggle of being queer” front.)

      Thank you for the recs, though, I do want to check out Foxfire (if I can find it anywhere)!

  2. We had a Bake Off here in the States and I LOVED it but I don’t know if they’re going to do another one. I’ll have to check. Thanks for reminding me! I adored Pitch Perfect – especially the end. I’ve seen Black Books but never took the time to find out what it was about. Looks like I’ll definitely have to watch it. Great list!

    • Ahahaha, Mel and Sue (the British hosts) talked about the American Bake Off once in an interview on Chatty Man and it was hilarious. They were slightly smashed and imitated the American host and I can only imagine the glory of the US version. I love the UK one to pieces, like… so much innuendo and puns, it’s to die for.

      Black Books is great. It’s very snarky and dark humour but I identify so hard with Bernard’s lethargy. I just love the show.

    • Ughhhhhh Parent Trap is so cute. I had a slight obsessive phase a couple of weeks ago because of Natasha Richardson and since she’s dead and all her filmography is pretty limited. The things I’ve seen, my friend… the things I’ve seen… but at least there is The Parent Trap, which never fails to be awesome.

  3. Anthony Head and Lena Headey in the same movie? Yes please. Never so much as heard of this one, so thanks for recommendation! Love your honorable mentions too. And Love Actually is my favorite holiday movie too.

  4. I love that Xena is in your Honorable Mentions. My older sister and I used to watch that show when I was younger, and I’ve been eager to rewatch it! But I haven’t had luck convincing my fiance…

    • My mum used to watch it on German telly when I was a kid and it always stuck with me. I haven’t really gotten around to rewatching it in its entirety, though, but it’s definitely planned. :D I just love how campy it is and the dynamic between Xena and Gabrielle.

    • Parade’s End was lovely. Came for Benedict Cumberbatch, stayed for Rebecca Hall (that’s not to say that BC didn’t do a great performance, but daaaaaamn, Rebecca Hall can get it).

    • Oh I’ve seen a bunch of adaptations of the original book, actually, just not the “original” Parent Trap one. Loved the German ones and there’s one with a little more creative license with the Olsen twins that I absolutely adore. ♥ I’m sure I’d love the ’61 Parent Trap just as much as all the other adaptations.

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  6. Oh god, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were such wombo combo parental figures. Emma Stone was great in the role…but them parents definitely won me over.

    I’m pretty excited for what Pitch Perfect 2 is going to bring to the table; considering the addition of Sing Off alumni Pentatonix and The Filharmonic.

    Side note: I still get the “omgwtf” thoughts everytime I see that orphan black promo poster of tatiana maslany’s facial profile.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    • Hahahah, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson were flawfree in Easy A! I’ve got to admit that I’ve got a certain type of characters and actresses that I tend to fall for and Patricia Clarkson fit right into it. I was bound to love it, and it helped that Emma Stone is amazing as well. And Stanley, too, he’s got such a particular way of giving his characters life, it’s just a joy to watch.

      Don’t get me started on Orphan Black, you’d think that after over a year I would eventually comprehend that yes they are all played by Tatiana Maslany. But every time I see behind the scenes stuff or particular gifsets with juxtapositions of the clones, I’m stunned all over when I realise that no, they are not different actresses, this is all Tatiana and she’s so different depending on which clone she’s playing. It’s incredible.

      • It’s definitely refreshing when supporting chars give an immaculate performance that elevates the movie and makes us question what our favourite moments of the movie were.

        Like seriously…all those kitchen scenes. Golden.

  7. The Parent Trap is a cute classic, Easy A was totally awesome, just saw the commercial on out TV for it. And I loooove Love Actually. When it came out I actually hated it lol, now I watch it every Christmas :D
    I didn’t like Pitch perfect, made me cringeeee :O So I won’t see the sequel.
    Orphan Black was awesome, I loved Sirens, too. Way too short, both of them. Same goes for VM and IT Crowd! Loved! I haven’t seen entire Xena but I saw A LOT on TV as a kid and was a fan, too. :D
    Good picks!

    • All good things are too short, to be honest. It’s a real tragedy. Ren and I shall be forever upset about Sirens and Firefly.

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