Coming Soon: Harry Potter in a Teacup

Harry Potter in a Teacup • The Philosopher's Stone


We’re terribly excited to announce:

Harry Potter in a Teacup


Stay tuned for Isa and Ren’s in-depth re-read of Harry Potter starting July 31st! Among things like favourite bits and unpopular opinions there shall also be discussions about certain topics (such as sorting, characters, movie differences, translation issues, etc.) each week! (Stop side-eyeing us because the series is ~so done~. We love Harry Potter and at least one of us is overdue for a re-read.)

For a detailed calendar that will surely make you either a) cry, or b) pronounce certain people (Isa… this was all Isa’s terrible idea…) insane, please follow the spiders to our wonderful Google spreadsheet.

If you would like to see certain topics being talked about, please use the form below and we will take your suggestions under consideration!


See you on July 31st!
Isa and Ren


*Incidentally this had nothing to do with the Harry Potter month hosted by the Student Spyglass, but you should definitely check that out nonetheless!


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