Pick-For-Me • July

Pick For Me

Pick-For-Me is a monthly feature where each of us picks two books for the other to read. Click here for details.

June Thoughts

June Picks

Isa: Out of the two books Ren picked for me, A Spy in the House was a mix of good and bad, especially in terms of the inevitable romance. I was definitely interested throughout the whole read, though. Not so much with The Ivy Tree, which I DNFed after… three pages. I’m not even sorry. The prose was so purple, it was difficult to see anything beyond the excessive use of adjectives and weird descriptions. (“High cauliflower clouds” or “mobile mouths”, anyone?)

Ren: I was a complete failure this month. Lady of Ashes was so bogged down with historical details (the protagonist couldn’t take a single step without first spending ten pages on a history lesson) that I DNF’d it after five or six chapters. I think the author should have decided whether she wanted to write a book of fiction or a non-fiction account of Victorian undertakers; either would have been fine, but a mix of the two just doesn’t work for me. As for Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, I dithered and procrastinated and never got around to reading it.

Goodreads Links:
A Spy in the HouseThe Ivy TreeLady of AshesMemoirs of an Imaginary Friend

July Picks

Ren for Isa

The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett Graceling by Kristin Cashore

On Goodreads:
The Nightmare AffairGraceling

Ren: Isa has a fondness for boarding schools (as do I) so I’m hoping she’ll appreciate The Nightmare Affair, which is set at a boarding school… with magic. Also, I really like that cover and I’ve been wanting to read the book myself, so Isa can give me her opinion. As for Graceling, I just really like the cover and I saw that a mutual friend rated it highly, so I hope it’s good — I haven’t had much luck lately with recommending Isa books I liked.

Isa for Ren

Allegiant by Veronica Roth Havemercy by Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett

On Goodreads:

Isa: Yeah, I’m totally picking Allegiant because it’s kind of a trainwreck in my opinion (though I did give it three stars on goodreads, huh? I swear I’d give it less now, but I guess I didn’t hate it and was very amused by the lack of logic in it) and I can’t wait to hear Ren’s thoughts on it. Aaaaand because I’m a nice friend and co-blogger, I’ve also chosen Havemercy, which I hear has dragons. Ren loves dragons, so I hope she enjoys this!

Ren: Confession, I was probably never going to read Allegiant any time soon because I’ve heard things about the trainwreck-ness of it, so well played Isa.

Isa: I figured as much, which only encouraged me, mwahahahaha.

Are you also doing the pick-for-me challenge with a friend or over at Amy’s LJ community? What do you think of our picks this month? Let us know in the comments!
Isa and Ren


7 thoughts on “Pick-For-Me • July

    • Yeah, real life happens and sometimes books just don’t appeal to us despite them being PFMs. I’m awfully excited for Ren’s thoughts on Allegiant, negl.

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