Thoughtful Thursday • Book of Choice

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Is Fun Again. This week:

Book of Choice

What is your book of choice? Romance? Horror? Thriller? Mystery? Coming-of-age? Feel free to get as specific or as broad as possible.

I’m a giant mood reader who is shallow beyond belief, so in the broadest sense: ideally a boarding school teen/YA book with a shiny cover. Ideally with a female narrator rather than a male one (though exceptions shall be made).

I don’t really have a book of choice, honestly. I’ll grab whatever is shiniest or has an interesting title. I’ll probably veer towards middle grade/teen/YA books, though chances are that if it proclaims great romance I’ll pass (though I did enjoy Twilight at the time and I really do love the Vampire Academy books).

I think I’m pretty boring in this regard, I don’t really have a go-to genre. I just pick up whatever is shiniest, whatever my gut tells me to, and that can be anything from steampunk over teenage vampires to children’s books, and I love me some cute chick lit as well. (This is an excellent opportunity to lament the lack of queer chick lit. I just want some cute queer people being awfully cute!)


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday • Book of Choice

  1. I’m a complete mood reader too, but I think dystopian might be my favourite genre. I prefer reading YA at the minute, I am just having a lot of fun with it. I have become a bigger fan of contemporaries as well, have read some truly amazing ones recently. Boarding school YA books can be a ton of fun, I quite enjoy those myself. Here’s my answer.

  2. I have the same thing happening every once in awhile but overall I am a Adult Contemporary Reader. I only noticed this since I had to post my answer to this question too! After looking over my self that was the overall genre. But there is YA and children books in there too! (due to Book Blogging)

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