Thoughtful Thursday • Character Crushes

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Is Fun Again. This week:

Character Crushes

Do you have character crushes? Are there characters that you want to be your BFF?

Usually any and all character crushes that I have are limited to visual characters, i.e. in films and television, but occasionally a book character just has that certain magic that draws me in and then oops, I’m head over heels.

Most notably:

Madame Genevieve (Vieve) Lefoux

Genevieve Lefoux is a character in Gail Carriger’s book universe. She first appears in her Parasol Protectorate series and then later (though in-universe it would be earlier) a younger version of her (that goes by the name Vieve) appears in the Finishing School series. To make it short, Vieve is my boo. I love her to the point of ridiculousness and while her character kind of does things I disagree with in the last two instalments of the Parasol Protectorate I just can’t help myself. She’s cute and witty and incredibly smart and she makes hats and knows how to build things and occasionally she’s also blatantly gay in the face of Victorian mores. I love it!

I even made a cracky fanmix once! It’s cracky and belies my somewhat shady taste in music, but man, it’s perfect for Vieve. ♥_♥

french lesbian inventors who own hat shops
french lesbian inventors who own hat shops

As for bffs, I think I would love being besties with the girls from Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series or maybe all the lovely people from Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles! Especially Iko. Gosh, I wanna be besties with Iko, negl. Iko is the fabbest of the fab and I adore her.


6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday • Character Crushes

  1. I’ve only read the first book in the Parasol Protectorate series, and I’m not sure if I’ve met Genevieve yet… Can’t seem to remember her anyway. She sounds absolutely awesome though.

    I would love to be friends with Iko! That’d be so cool. I’d also love to stay over at the Weasley house (obvious choice) or fight some evil exes with Scott Pilgrim

    • Yeah I think Genevieve first appears in the second book? Blameless, I believe. She’s my absolute favourite though (except ugh I swear, the last two books just ruin her, but whatever, I shall stand by Genevieve and worship at her feet >.>).

      I don’t know if I could stand being with the Weasleys, actually. They’re a lovely family, but I’m a giant hermit and the general hubbub at that house might drive me to murder. Oops?

  2. I haven’t started that series but I hear a lot of good things about it that I keep getting tempted to start. Sad that the last two books kind of ruin the character though, I hate when books do that to the characters I love.

    I would love to be friends with Iko, she is amazing! I love that character so much and think she would make one hilariously funny best friend. Here’s my answer.

  3. I haven’t read the series but whenever i see it, I kind of have this ITCH to read it that is eventually gonna need scratching :D

    I don’t often get crushes on fictional characters.. BUT there are exceptions – most notably Adrian from the Vampire Academy series (and spin off series) because he’s so funny and he’s smart even though he doesn’t show it off, and he’s incredibly creative and spontaneous in a fun way.. and even though he tries to hide it, he actually is a deep person, deeper than most because of his Spirit abilities. AND I like guys who can make me laugh and he totally can, he’d be so much fun to hang out with and just be in the same ROOM with. :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

    • You should read ittttttt! A friend of mine said she preferred Finishing School, and I have to agree with her. Especially because it is set before Parasol Protectorate (though it has a completely different feel to it). I especially enjoyed re-reading PP after FS because there is some overlap in characters and it was fascinating to figure out which characters you may have heard of before! (Though that works both ways, I was delighted when I suddenly realised who Vieve was when I first read Etiquette & Espionage.)

      Argh, I totally agree about Adrian. It’s been years since I read VA but negl, I crushed on Adrian. Like, Dimitri is all nice and swell for Rose but UNF UNF UNF ADRIAN CAN GET IT.

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