Thoughtful Thursday • Multiple Editions

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Is Fun Again. This week:

Multiple Editions

Have you ever bought multiple editions of the same book? What inspires you to do that (e.g., covers, language, author revisions)?

Like everyone and they grandmother, I’ll just state the obvious:

Harry Potter

I got PS for my eleventh birthday, so it comes as no surprise that I’ve got a full German set. And obviously once I got older and developed more of an interest in English, I just had to have the English editions. Especially because the German translations weren’t available until months later! I’d have to wait for aaaaaages and that was just no good. By now I’ve got a full German hardcover set (excluding Beedle, and sadly they don’t all match, woe), a full English hardcover set (again excluding Beedle) with the shiny adult covers, one additional English HBP because I bought that one before the adult covers happened and in the end I just had to have matching covers in at least one set of books! These days I’m eyeballing this shiny new paperback set (I just love how gritty they look) and also the signature edition because a) hardcovers are just difficult to carry (not that I’d need to because, uhm, did I mention I’ve got an American set of ebooks?) and b) I really do sometimes wish I could have a set specifically for taking notes in and highlighting my favourite passages, you know? Except I shan’t because there are better ways to spend money (alas, a girl has to eat!).

Aside from Harry Potter, I’ve also got Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning twice, because they redid the covers mid-series and initially I wanted to get them all with the new covers but then I lost interest. Oh well. So now I’ve got Darkfever twice. (Which is fine because the one I bought first is nearly falling apart.)

And of course, I was a teenager once, so I’ve got a full set of Twilight in English and all but the last book in German too. On the upside: the translation is somewhat better than the original (less grammar and spelling and punctuation mistakes, for one thing)!

Generally as for the whys and whatfors, uhhhhhh it just really really hurts when book covers aren’t matching???? Chances are I’ll invest in a new set of Old Kingdom books because I don’t think they’ll release Clariel with a cover matching the ones I already have. Woe. :(


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday • Multiple Editions

  1. I never used to be bad for this until I started buying online. Now if a book comes and I’ve gotten the wrong size to match others in the series then I usually will buy the one that matches. I am terrible for buying newer editions of series I love as well, I don’t like my first copies to get ruined from all the rereading. Harry Potter is one that I have multiple editions of. I did want the new US ones where the spines create Hogwarts but I am holding out for the new UK children’s editions coming in September because I am sure I will love them. Here’s mine, my answer is at the bottom.

    • Oh gosh I’m not quite as crazy as that because heaven knows money doesn’t grow on trees (man, I wish) but I can empathise. Though I’m wondering, don’t the online shops say how big the book is? Or can’t you return it? I know that returning things is a hassle and you might eventually be put on their blacklist for returning too many things, but like, is that an option for you?

      I totally feel you on the HP front, though! Argh, why must there be so many shiny editions. There are even some gorgeous German ones I’m eyeing and I really don’t need those because I already have a set and it’s not like I am ever going to read them again (urgh, the translations are terrible??? though not as bad as the Italian ones, I hear).

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