Top Ten Tuesday • Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

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Top Ten Twelve Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

There was also the option to do Books That Will Be In My Beach Bag this week, but since I’m already going to do Books On My Summer TBR in a couple of weeks, I didn’t see the point. So you get some recs from me! Twelve, even, because I couldn’t contain myself. Summer reading for me is easy reading, so here’s a few short novels that you can read in between sunbathing or hiking or napping or whatever you do when you’re on holiday.

Death on the Nile A Duty To The Dead What Angels Fear Newt's Emerald
Death on the NileA Duty To The DeadWhat Angels FearNewt’s Emerald

The very first thing that comes into my mind when I think about summer reading is mystery, because my mum always reads Agatha Christie when she’s on holiday and she passed on this habit to me. Death on the Nile is one of my favourite reads and it’s about, well, someone who’s killed while on a cruise on the Nile. Really clever twist at the end. A Duty To The Dead is set a bit earlier, during WWI, and it’s more about the characters than the mystery; but it’s still good. What Angels Fear is the first book in one of my favourite series, and it’s a mix of mystery and thriller. And if you don’t want to start a long series, Newt’s Emerald is a very enjoyable Regency adventure.

Down for the Count The Perfect Rake Keeping the Castle Widdershins
Down for the CountThe Perfect RakeKeeping the CastleWiddershins

Whenever I don’t feel up to reading anything complex, I always default to romance. There’s something comforting in knowing that the hero will hook up with the heroine (or with the other hero, if I’m reading m/m) and there’s not going to be any twists and turns or cliffhangers. Romances are another great summer read, really. Down for the Count and The Perfect Rake both suffer from lacklustere sequels, but on their own they’re hilarious reads with very likeable protagonists. Keeping the Castle is the funniest and most adorable Regency romance I’ve ever read. Widdershins is a departure from the rest, being m/m and on the horror side rather than comedy, but you need a few good chills on a hot summer night.

Beauty Queens Hex Hall The Ruby In The Smoke The Bet's On, Lizzie Bingman!
Beauty QueensHex HallThe Ruby In The SmokeThe Bet’s On, Lizzie Bingman!

And finally my third love, young adult. Not to say that it’s a silly genre (some of those books are deep and/or thoughtful and/or heart-wrenching) but young adult is usually quick to read, and usually ends well (emphasis on usually) so it’s another favourite summer reading of mine. I’ve already recced Beauty Queens a dozen times, but it’s that good. Bunch of beauty queens crash-lands on a desert island and proceed to defy every possible stereotype. Hex Hall is a fun paranormal read, which is high praise if you consider I usually disdain paranormal. The Ruby In The Smoke is a classic, and I probably could have put it in the mystery section, but I mostly remember it for the characters; and also for punching me in the feels. Finally, The Bet’s On, Lizzie Bingman! is a bit of an odd duck: a childhood favourite of mine about a girl’s summer in 1914. I would have also recced Bianca Pitzorno, who wrote lovely books that I used to read and re-read, but I don’t think she’s ever been translated in English, more’s the pity.

What’s in your beach bag? And what should I put in mine?
(Aside from lots of sunscreen. Very strong sunscreen. The next person who says something about Italians and olive skin, I’m going to punch them in the nose.)



10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday • Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

  1. Great list! Death on the Nile is fabulous – definitely one of my favorite Agathas. I’ve seen Charles Todd everywhere the last couple of days! I think that’s a sign to finally read the ones I have sitting on the shelf. I’m dying to read Keeping the Castle after your review. Sounds fantastic!

    • Thanks! Keeping the Castle is really excellent, and I’m going to read more Charles Todd myself as soon as I have a moment because I’ve only read a couple of his books myself…

  2. I agree with you that Mystery, Romance, and Young Adult books sound like the perfect combination for any summer beach bag. :) I love the cover of Keeping the Castle (which I found you your review on the blog and now I’m thinking I need to read it). Beauty Queens is a pretty funny book!

    New Bloglovin Follower :)

    My Top Ten

    • *butts in* Would definitely recommend Keeping the Castle, seeing as we absolutely adored the lightness of it. :D

  3. Hex Hall is waiting on my shelf for me to read, I just have to get to it, between the library books and the ebooks. I focused on the light and fun for my list–mysteries are vacation kind of reads, I guess–except for when you have plans to go out somewhere, and you really have to know whodunit!

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