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Hello and good day to you, fine sir or madam! Random Rambles is a non-regular feature at Words in a Teacup where we take the time to talk about those things on our minds that are (often) unrelated to books but desperately need voicing. This time, as you can glean from the banner above:

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You’re all rolling your eyes now, I can pretty much feel it pouring through the ether of the internet, yes. You’re asking yourself why…

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BECAUSE! Orphan Black is just that good.

(7:38:38 PM) Isa: for now i must
(7:38:40 PM) Isa: put all my OB feels
(7:38:42 PM) Isa: in a post
(7:38:43 PM) Isa: and cry

© divergents

That is totally what happens on any given day. I’ve spent countless hours trying to convince others to watch it — by which I mean I spent countless hours yelling at people in chat windows “HAVE YOU STARTED WATCHING ORPHAN BLACK YET” until eventually they surrendered and did and boy, I’m so glad that my favourite yelling buddy FINALLY CAUGHT UP AND WATCHED IT THE OTHER WEEK BECause now I can yell at her in my emails about dumb things. I’d yell at Ren, you know, but she’s only seen s1 and is too bloody lazy to start on s2. *glares*

Now let me emote for a moment.

© supagirl

Just kidding, I’m not crying, there’s just a branch in my eyes or something. >.>

Orphan Black is my favourite show on television these days. I used to watch so much television and now that’s the only show I still watch (until Orange is the New Black comes back, that is). Nothing else comes even close and you should all be watching it!

“But Isa, I don’t like scifi! And I heard there was some gore! And also lesbians! Why should I watch it?”

© maisiewilliams

Indeed, it is scifi and there is some gore, but you can close your eyes or watch through your fingers like I did. It is only a very small part of the show. As for the lesbians… ALL THE MORE REASON TO WATCH IT. There’s lesbian and gay representation and there’s science representation (I mean look at the title card, there’s a piece of DNA sneakily woven into the H! such sneakiness! and they have an actual scientist on board of the show and she shares a name with a sciency character, so it’s not all just made up fake science) and there’s scary people representation!

© miiraculum

But aside from all of these wonderful things, the single most amazing thing is TATIANA MASLANY. You see, I have this friend that I can always count on… to hate female characters. I think we can count on one hand the female characters that she doesn’t despise. And wonder of wonders, this friend actually likes Orphan Black (though maybe that’s because of Hot Paul? it probably is…), which was rather surprising. CUE MORE TEARS FROM ME.

© bodennis

I mean. Sorry, I don’t care if you’re not interested in this kind of show, because you should be watching it anyway. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing unicorn actress who, at any given time, is almost definitely on screen in this show. If she’s not on screen, something shady is going on. That’s one way to determine whether or not something shady is going on, by the way, because as a general rule: TRUST NO ONE. Unless they are played by Tat. And even when Tat plays a character, be careful with your feelings. You might end up crying over shady bitches.

The show isn’t perfect, the plot is often a bit… well… lol, sorry I can’t always take it seriously, and a certain police officer comes across as incredibly thick and stupid (though I love him, bless his heart), but yeah, it’s not perfect. TATIANA MASLANY’S ACTING HOWEVER IS. I mean. Really.

“The Art of Mindfucking” » Orphan Black – Season 1
© bodennis

(7:55:58 PM) Ren: sometimes i forget she’s not different ppl

It happens to all of us. Orphan Black cast at an event? BUT WHY ARE THERE ONLY THREE OF THEM? Oh. Wait. I forgot that Tatiana plays like 90% of the characters. It happens. All. The. Time. HER CHARACTERS DON’T EVEN LOOK THE SAME FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. Her acting is superb (as is her body double, Kathryn Alexandre, for stand-ins! never seen but doing so much work, holy shit!) and that alone should make you want to watch. BUT ASIDE FROM THAT THERE IS ALSO THE PROMISE OF SHENANIGANS AND HOT PEOPLE AND CUTE CHILDREN AND MAKESHIFT FAMILIES AND THERE IS NO PAIN WHATSOEVER EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND REALLY HOT.

© sansastartk

Are you convinced yet? Have you accepted Tatiana Maslany as your lord and saviour? Have you started questioning how you survived without this show until now?

© cosimas

tl;dr: Watch Orphan Black. Join the clone club. Have all the feelings.


7 thoughts on “Random Rambles • Orphan Black


    I think like most shows based around a central mystery~ it suffers from OMG IT’S SO MYSTERIOUS, HAVE WE TOLD YOU YET syndrome. But other than that I like it. It’s the third show I watch when catching up for the week, only beaten by GoT and Hannibal, and we know those don’t count.


      Lol, ofc I am talking about you. When you like a show that has female characters it has to be a sign of a good show. YOU HAVE GOOD TASTE AND HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST EP YET *CRIES A LOT*

      • I am indeed. :D

        I think I actually don’t hate anyone on OB. Which is weird. Oh wait, Angie, but she doesn’t count, RIGHT?!
        Haven’t seen last night’s, but I did watch the one before on the weekend. *wibbles*

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS POST!!! You did a great job – I was in too muhc of a rush to go to tumblr to get anything… and I still haven’t actually gone to tumblr to explore the fandom fantasticness that’s there for Orphan Black because the #CloneClub on Facebook has sucked so much of my time.. I’m scared Tumblr will be a black hole I’ll never get out of LOL

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH and I agree – if you’re not watching it already, you’re seriously missing the best show on the planet right now! I also can’t wait for ORange is the New Black ot return in June mwuhahaa :D

    I LOVE that there’s at least one other blogger out there in the blogosphere who is obsessed with this show as I am! <33 and the fact you try ot get everyone to watch it – me too! It's one of those shows if you don't have SOMEONE TO TALK TO, you can literally explode. It's Orphan Black phenomena – you talk to someone who knows the show or you explode. #possiblesideeffects

    My Shelf Confessions

    • *preens* Thank you. :3

      Let’s be real, I spent an insane amount of time on tumblr under the pretense of finding some fitting gifs. >.> Oops. Tumblr IS a black hole once you’re there.

      I’m very glad to have found another blogger who loves the show! The more the merrier. :D Lol, I was so stupidly happy when my fave rambling person finally watched it because dundundun Sundays are now filled with me yelling at her in ridiculously long email conversations. It’s so hard not to explode about the show when people aren’t watching it. THE LAST EP OMG SO MANY FEELS

      And I must ask the most important question: Which clone is your favourite?? And out of the non-clones, which character is your favourite?

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