[Isa] The (Im)Perfect Girlfriend (Sarah Sargeant #2) by Lucy-Anne Holmes

The (Im)Perfect Girlfriend (Sarah Sargeant #2) by Lucy-Anne HolmesSequel Spring badgeTitle: The (Im)Perfect Girlfriend (Sarah Sargeant #2)
Author: Lucy-Anne Holmes
Published: October 1st, 2010
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 teacups
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Sarah Sargeant, full-time actress and most-time waitress, has finally found the right man. Of course it has to go downhill when she leaves London for LA and finds a sexy picture of her man’s ex in his planner. She turns from snuggly to prickly in under a second and while she may not be able to sing (despite what her CV says), she’s certainly able to scream and proves just how batty she can be.

Let’s get straight down to business. This book made me happy. A lot of things make me chuckle and even laugh, I can smile at certain books and they may warm my heart, but I was genuinely happy while reading The (Im)perfect Girlfriend. Lucy-Anne Holmes is an amazing writer who really does make you laugh a lot, Katie Fforde wasn’t lying on the back cover of Holmes’ newest book.

As you can see from the title, this book is the second in a series, which I hadn’t known at the time when I started it. Didn’t matter though, because I felt like I wasn’t missing out on any information at all. (We will see how I feel when I finally read the first book, maybe there was something really blatant that I missed?) The main character is delightful and I want her to be my friend for really selfish reasons such as a wallowing-partner and also feeling better about myself. Sarah’s a mess even at the top of her game, but that’s what I adore in her. She’s no perfect birdie with legs a mile long and hair curling just so, nope. She’s simply a mess and I love it.

The writing was entertaining from start to finish, I loved Sarah’s thoughts and unabashed foot-in-mouth-ness and her general attitude towards her problems, because I could really identify with that (I may be an adult in numbers, but let’s be real, I’m a twelve-year-old). But despite her being completely batshit, she’s a wonderful human being who ends up being there for her friend when she really needs it and I think that just made me love her even more. Aside from Sarah there is a host of fabulous characters in it and I loved them all (except perhaps for Simon, who mostly just makes me squint and angrily stare at the book).

The author did a great job with everything she touched upon in the book — from the more squicky adventures involving plastic bags to the serious topics that usually make me run and cry because I can’t handle them, I enjoyed it all without problems. The one thing I wasn’t really down with was the end because it just didn’t match what I wanted to happen. It didn’t come as a surprise, but I would’ve preferred a different end, because this one makes very little emotional sense to me.

Still though, I was delighted and happy, so four and a half teacups it is. :D

Aaaand putting this under a cut because random ramblings nobody cares for. Pictures and quotes ahead!

I got the book as a physical copy from a friend ages ago and I am very glad she didn’t like it, because I probably never would’ve stumbled over it otherwise. This is the first time that I read a book while trying to stay on top of what I liked and it was a small success I think.

As you can see, I kinda sorta marked down a lot of things in the book. I try to do the same on my Kindle but it’s just not the same, is it? It’s so much easier to go back through a physical copy and reread your favourite parts such as this one (I wish I could quote the whole book at you guys):

Sarah about her agent:

My agent is indeed lovely. He is a jolly, posh man somewhere in the upper end of his forties. I’ve only met him twice in the flesh. Our relationship tends to consist of him telephoning me to tell me I have a commercial audition and me calling him afterwards so that he can tell me that I didn’t get the commercial audition. I would like to see him more often though. He has a fine and generous portion of ginger hair. Man men would keep such ginger hair short. Not Geoff; he’s gone for the full Mick Hucknall. But he’s raised Mick… a beard. In case people don’t recognize his eccentricity, he also smokes a pipe.

Sarah describing her agent as a jolly, posh man had me in fits, if only because I couldn’t unhear Mary Berry (domestic goddess, currently a judge on the Great British Bake Off, which you should watch and then cry over because you. will. be. hungry) saying “jolly”. In fact, I’m laughing again just now. The description just slays me. It’s probably not even that funny.


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