Top Ten Tuesday • Things On My Bookish Bucket List

top ten tuesday bannerTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

I confess I didn’t really know what to put on the list because I’m not interested in things like meeting authors or visiting famous libraries or whatnot. So I thought about it and decided that I’d tweak the theme a little, and I ended up writing a bucket list of things I would do if I was a character in a book.

Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

  1. Go shopping in Diagon Alley.
  2. Watch the Tourney of the Hand.
  3. Have tea and a biscuit with Granny Weatherwax.
  4. Visit the elves in Rivendell.
  5. Attend the Shifting Revel in Camorr.
  6. Talk to a dragon and fly on its back.
  7. Solve a murder that has stumped the police.
  8. Attend a mad tea party.
  9. Dance the waltz at Almack’s.
  10. Travel around the world in 80 days.


Did you guess which books (or genres) inspired my list? What’s on your bucket list, realistic or otherwise?



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday • Things On My Bookish Bucket List

  1. Haha, I love this. I read the first three without reading the whole “character in the book thing” and was like “yeah, completely logical” (I didn’t remember the whole tourney of the hand thing is from GOT). When I reached the 4th point, I understood that this probably is like a fictional type of list. :D Brilliant.

    • Haha, thanks! I could probably do many of those in the real world now that I think of it: visiting the shops in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, seeing a tourney at a renaissance faire, dancing the waltz at a reenactment of a Regency ball… maybe not the murder one, though!

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