Sequel Spring • Quick housekeeping post

Sequel Spring
Sequel Spring started on Thursday! We hope you’re all dusting off your unread sequels and cracking down on them. If you haven’t heard of Sequel Spring before, you should check out our Sequel Spring Challenge post, where we challenge ourselves to catch up on all the unread sequels we have lying around. Ten people have already joined me and Ren but there’s always room for more!

We’ve had a few questions about the rules, so here’s some clarifications:

  • (NEW) You can read multiple sequels from the same series. For example if you read all 7 Harry Potter books this spring, you can count 6 of them for Sequel Spring (all books minus the first one).
  • (NEW) Books should be at least 50 pages long to count. If you’re reading ebooks, you can check the page count on bookseller sites like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Short stories are okay, as long as they’re not too short!
  • (NEW) You don’t have to review all the books you read — you can write no reviews at all if you like, this challenge is all about reading. But if you do write reviews of your Sequel Spring books, there will be a linky to collect all reviews in the progress posts.

If you have more questions or suggestions, leave us a comment! It’s our first challenge and we’re still trying to figure out what works best.

If you’re already participating, you can submit your finished Sequel Spring reviews in the linky below (we apologise for taking you off-site, but free wordpress does not allow javascript, alas):

For the previous entries please click the images below:

Sequel Spring Entries Part 1: 51 Links Sequel Spring Entries Part 2: 38 Links

To finish off this post, we’re curious: how many sequels are in your general TBR pile? from how many different series? and how long have they been sitting there?
Isa and Ren


8 thoughts on “Sequel Spring • Quick housekeeping post

  1. Thanks for the updates. :)
    I have 19 overall series in my TBR Pile *sigh*. I have not counted the number of books overall. There are a few that have been incomplete way before I started book blogging. LOL! Dust collectors.

    • Oh dear, I’m pretty sure that number would make me pretend I don’t have any series at all in my TBR, haha. Though I saw somebody who is “currently” reading 30 series (as in, they started them, they are unfinished and they are waiting for the next sequel), which just makes me shudder, lol.

  2. I’m working on getting through my first sequel for the challenge so hopefully I’ll make some progress in all the series I have. Almost all of the books I read are in someway part of a series. I don’t even want to count them but it’s definitely more than 10 – probably more than 20. If I think any harder about it I start getting a little panicky!

    • There’s a new link in the latest round up post, I forgot to edit all the relevant posts. I’d link you to it right now but I’m at work on my phone. Just click on the Sequel Spring category on the sidebar, it should bring you to the latest post!

      ETA: I’ve fixed it now and the new linky shows up in all posts including this one.

    • Thing is, the linkys only last 30 days so it will automatically close on the 20th at 11:55. I know what you mean, I also have a backlog of reviews and I don’t know if I’ll be able to post all of them in time, but Isa really wants to post the last round-up on the 20th because she’s busy and won’t have time to do it later. Sorry!

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