Thoughtful Thursday • Favourite Literary Tropes

Thoughtful Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Reading Is Fun Again. This week:

What are some of your favourite literary tropes?

Well. Weeeell. I may have wasted a lot of time on tvtropes just now. A lot of time. Somebody should just block the site from me. Actually, every time somebody asks me about favourite tropes – in books or television, it doesn’t matter – I can’t even think of any. I’m a sucker for a lot, but I can’t list them off the top of my head. :(

But in the spirit of still trying to answer the question, I ventured to the Harry Potter page on tvtropes because it has so many things I love. >.>

  • Boarding School! Put something in a boarding school and you have me hooked. Let’s blame Germany’s obsession with Enid Blyton’s books for this one. It’s not like I had much choice falling for the trope when half the books I used to read as a kid were set in a boarding school.
  • Speaking of boarding schools, there’s a series that teaches future Spies! Teenage spies??? Gimme! I don’t know what it is about spies that I love so much. I haven’t actually read many books with spies in them but it’s a fantastic motif that I enjoy in fiction.
  • I also really love me a Deadpan Snarker. Sassy/snarky Harry is the best, and so are all other snarktastic characters.
  • Magic. You can always lure me in with magic. Always.
  • The personification of a walking disaster. I’m not talking about Bella Swan, but I do have a fondness for characters roundabout my age (or older) who are simply not fit to be adults. It warms my bitter heart and comforts me a little, because heaven knows I am utterly incapable of adulthood.



2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday • Favourite Literary Tropes

    • Hehe, I have in fact read the Gallagher Girl series! Well, the first five. I have yet to read the sixth one. But I loved them a lot! Girl spies in a boarding school? Aww yeahhhh. I haven’t heard of the others before, I’ll be sure to check them out, thank you. :D

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