[Isa] Six Months Later by Natalie D. Richards

Six Months Later by Natalie D. RichardsTitle: Six Months Later
Author: Natalie D. Richards
Published: October 1, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 teacups
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After nodding off in study hall one day in May, Chloe’s life is never going to be the same. For one thing, she wakes up in November and cannot remember the last three months. And somehow in those six months, she’s managed to alienate her best friend, become an item with the hot jock Blake and gone from troublemaker to star pupil. Just what happened in those six months to turn her life around like this?

I came across Six Months Later in a review from Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews and she had me hooked. I’ve been sick for the past four days and devoured the book between trying to sleep it off and going to work.

Chloe’s mysterious memory loss intrigued me from start to finish, and while I didn’t like everything, I liked most of it enough to justify the rating. The characters were very interesting to read about, Chloe sounds like a lovely person – with a penchant for stirring things up – and while she’s not the sharpest tool in the garden shed when it comes to investigating her memory loss, I cannot really blame her. I’d be freaked out if it happened to me and I wouldn’t know who to turn to, either. My choices are as limited as hers, and I understand why she only tried to figure it out with the help of Adam and her former best friend Maggie.

Maggie and Adam are both superb secondary characters and I really liked Adam, not even going to lie. He’s the typical bad boy with good intentions trope, but hey, he’s delectable. I am quite glad that his mysterious bad boy characterisation wasn’t overdone despite the role he played in Chloe’s memory loss.

The two things that bothered me were Blake, and Chloe’s parents. I don’t understand Blake’s involvement with Chloe at all. The reason we are given may make sense, if you don’t look too closely, but the longer I think about it, the less I understand it. Why? Why was he her boyfriend? What was the motivator for it? Just gimme reasons! And then there were Chloe’s parents… oh boy, they were tricky. I think Chloe’s dad could’ve been a great ally for her, in solving the mystery just as much as in general life. He seemed pretty awesome and I think he genuinely wanted to be there for Chloe. But Chloe’s mother was a nightmare. She was restrictive and absolutely not understanding of mental issues at all and it bothered me quite a bit. I can definitely understand that Chloe felt as though her mother only cared that Chloe made her proud, whether or not Chloe’s happy or not.

Still, though. It was a truly enjoyable read and well written, too. I didn’t once get thrown by odd phrasings while reading, which is very rare and I liked the plot and characters well enough that they made an impression on me. And it doesn’t hurt that the cover is really pretty and simple; the cover model actually reminds me a bit of Carrie Hope Fletcher.



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